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Prefinished Siding

Prefinished Wood Siding

Real wood siding has been used successfully on homes and buildings for centuries, adding long-lasting architectural character and charm with various species, patterns, and sizes. To protect your investment and prolong your home's exterior appearance, it is recommended to protect wood siding from UV damage by pre-finishing or coating it immediately on all sides and ends.

Common wood siding species include: Western Red Cedar, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Spruce, White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Eastern White Cedar, Alaska Cedar, and more.

Styles Include:

  • Bevel (various grades and dimensions)
  • Bevel Back / WP 105
  • German / Dutch-Lap
  • Ship-Lap
  • Channel Rustic
  • Haida Skirl / Wavy Edge / Mountain Siding
  • Board and Batten
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Cedar Valley Shingle Panels
  • Shakertown Panels
  • Individual Shingles & Shakes
  • Plywood / T-111

Primed Wood Siding

Primed_Wood_SidingWood siding is recommended to be primed and sealed on all sides prior to installation for improved paint adhesion and wood protection. Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc. offers both acrylic and oil priming as basic protection for wood siding in three standard primer colors: gray, white, and off-white. Primers are applied to all sides, encapsulating wood with six-sided back-primed protection. As an upgraded primer option, Cabot Low-Lustre One-Coat is a tintable UV resistant alkyd/ oil product that can be top-coated with acrylic paint. This product also carries a five year warranty straight from the factory with only one coat. For applications where the final color will be applied in the field, re-priming is not required like other products if it takes longer than sixty days to apply the final top-coat(s).

Solid Color Pre-Finished Siding

Solid Color Factory FinishLegacy Pre-Finishing offers various "factory finished" multi-coat prefinish applications that offer fully painted siding or trim products ready to install. Solid-color prefinished wood siding brings you the benefits and aesthetics of natural wood, combined with a long-lasting finish that performs well over time. Our two-coat solid color finishes typically last fifteen years or more before re-coating. Solid color coating warranties are available directly from coating manufacturers for up to twenty-five years. Two-coat solid color finishes can be acrylic water-based, or a combination of oil primer and acrylic topcoat, which offers benefits of both. Call us to learn more about factory finished solid color siding products.

Pre-Stained Siding

Prestained_Beveled_CedarLegacy Pre-Finishing offers Seamless Staining of exterior siding and trim, as well as interior woodwork. Seamless means that each board is stained from one end to the other with uniform coverage, and consistency unmatched by field-painting. Legacy's brush roller system actually floods stain onto the substrate, saturating the surface, then brushes each piece continuously, removing excess stain and totally eliminating lap marks. You cannot achieve this when field applying transparent toners, semi-transparent stains, or semi-solid stains. Seamless machine-stained products will look consistent, and will weather evenly. In addition, more than 95% of coating applied to siding and trim materials gets used - compared to approximately 50% for most hand spray applications. When you have difficult applications requiring no over spray, pre-stained is the only acceptable application. Toners and semi-transparent siding stains typically don't have warranties, but last three to five years before re-coating. If you want to showcase the beauty of your natural wood siding, let us apply a seamless stain from Legacy Pre-Finishing Inc.

Prefinished Fiber Cement Siding

Custom solid-color and semi-transparent finishes by Legacy Pre-finishing add value and improve the aesthetic appearance of fiber cement siding and trim materials.

Solid Color Cement Coatings

Fiber Cement SidingOur two-coat solid-color finish application for fiber cement siding is available in any color you choose, and is brush applied for ideal coverage. Our products are air dried overnight in racks - not force dried in an oven, which adds integrity to the finished product by allowing coatings to cure properly. Primed fiber cement siding should be coated within sixty days of UV exposure, or should be re-primed before painting. Legacy solid-color pre-finished siding offers instant UV protection upon installation and eliminates many problems that may occur from sun and weather exposure.

Semi-Transparent Cement Coatings

Semi-Transparent_Fiber Cement SidingSemi-Transparent acrylic finishes for fiber cement siding allows your cement siding to look like natural wood siding, but perform like it is painted. In fact, these coatings actually are more paint than stain since they use acrylic paint resins (they don't actually penetrate the cement siding). These coatings have transparent pigments which show dark and light accents like stains. This unique finish allows wood-grain textured siding to show darker accents in the grain recesses, and actually looks a lot like real wood. This unique process truly cannot be duplicated effectively on a jobsite or once the siding is installed. (FYI: Oil stains should never be used on cement siding, as the alkalinity of cement causes the finish to break down). Legacy uses a variety of stain products which utilize a UV protective solid base coat and multiple layers of semi-transparent acrylic topcoats. Coating systems range from two to four coats. Legacy can replicate many natural wood finishes on fiber-cement materials, and can offer a product that lasts fifteen years where natural wood finishes may last around three. Choose from a palette of Legacy semi-transparent finishes, or send us a sample of something you like, and we will replicate it on fiber cement siding. Legacy Pre-Finishing is among the highest volume producers of stained fiber cement siding in North America. No one stains fiber cement like we do.

Brands Available

Engineered Wood & Composite Siding

Engineered WoodEngineered wood siding and trim products, such as LP Smartlap and Miratec, combine engineered wood stability with eco-friendly (recycled) components, and are a good match of Legacy’s value added pre-finishing services. These products sell at an affordable price point, and have been engineered to withstand moisture and tough environmental conditions. Warranties on many composite materials are comparable to fiber-cement, and have the jobsite handling benefits of using wood. Engineered wood siding is easy to saw, comes in long lengths, and is available in a variety of dimensions. Solid color pre-finishing can offer up to thirty year finish warranties, and helps boost the economic value of this material. Prefinished engineered wood siding is highly durable and looks like real wood. Legacy Pre-Finishing is an authorized applicator for LP Smart Products, and can apply any of LP’s standard colors or any custom color(s) you choose. In addition to solid colors, Legacy Pre-finishing can apply semi-transparent acrylic topcoats to give these engineered wood siding products that look of stained natural wood. See Colors and Specs on our Prefinished LP SmartSide Products

Brands Available

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