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Custom Home with Prefinished Siding

Prefinished Siding

Factory pre-finishing is a value-added process for Architects, Home Designers, Interior Designers, Custom Home Builders, Contractors, and Home Owners where paintable or stainable materials are coated in a factory-controlled environment before installation.

Prefinishing (factory finishing) has been around for more than 50 years, invented to apply stain, primer, or solid color paint on Natural wood siding products (read more About Prefinishing). This process sped up the labor-intensive process of staining the materials on site. The factory finishing process is the most efficient way to cover all six sides (also known as back priming) of a wood siding profile. When all sides are coated, you are sealing out moisture which will help the wood siding last longer. This process works very well with advanced siding products, including Fiber Cement and Engineered wood. It allows us to custom finish siding in any color you can imagine.

Colors Available

We specialize in custom prefinishing, which means all of our products are made to order for your custom home or commercial project. The beautiful colors shown throughout our website are either timeless, historical, or current popular colors. However, you are not limited to just these colors. All of our Wood Siding and Interior Wood Products can be stained, primed, or painted a solid color. All Fiber Cement and Engineered Wood products can be painted a solid color or finished in one of our custom stain colors. If you don't find a color you love, give us a call or fill out our contact us form, and we will be happy to help you find your dream color.

Benefits To Prefinished Siding

  • Instant Curb Appeal!
  • No weather delays - extends the building season. Prefinishing is available year-round!
  • Instant UV and moisture protection (which can cause paint adhesion issues)!
  • No Lap Marks!
  • No Streaking!
  • No Shrink Lines!
  • Reduced labor costs!
  • Improved environmental controls - No overspray or on-site cleanup issues!
  • Situational benefits - where field painting is not safe or feasible!
  • Six-sided protection on wood products and Five-sided on Fiber Cement and Engineered Wood!
  • Factory Controlled Quality!
  • Coating Warranties Available!

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