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Prefinished Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is a manufactured product where strands of wood are pressed together and bonded with a resin and other proprietary components to form a specific siding profile. This process is used to make lap siding, shake/shingle panels, full 4 x 8 (up to 4 x 12) panels for vertical siding applications, trim, and soffit products. The final product is a light weight, durable and tough siding option that looks, cuts, and installs like natural wood siding but at a more economical price point. These products are free from knots, twisting, warping, and shrinking. They are impact-resistant and made to resist termite damage. Engineered wood siding is very popular and is a viable option versus fiber cement or real wood siding.

There are currently two great companies that manufacture engineered wood products; LP® SmartSide® and KWP Eco-side. LP SmartSide products are more widely known, have a great selection of profiles and sizes, and offer a 30-year limited warranty on their products. KWP Eco-side has been around for four decades and is heavily focused on being an eco-conscious manufacturer. Their line of products uses 100% recycled wood, FSC certified, and eligible for LEED points. KWP offers a 50-year limited warranty on the substrate. Again, all Engineered wood product profiles cut easily with a circular, table or radial saw just like natural wood and take nails and screws with ease and best of all there are no special tools or saw blades required.

Engineered Wood Siding Color Options

Engineered wood products come from the factory primed and ready to paint. We specialize in custom factory-applied finishes for these products. The colors shown are our most popular colors but you’re not limited to just these colors. We offer a wide variety of timeless, historic, and popular solid exterior colors all with a 25-year limited warranty.

If you're looking for something that is a little more custom we do have the capability of applying a stain-like finish that will make the siding look like real wood. All of our stain colors carry a 15-year limited warranty.

You also have the freedom to prefinish the siding in one color and have the trim, soffit, and fascia boards finished in a different color. All of our products are custom made to order just for you. Custom colors are available as well just call our sales/customer service team for more details or fill out our contact us form.

Why You Should Prefinish Your New Engineered Wood Siding

  • Instant Curb Appeal
  • No Weather Delays
  • Prefinishing is Available Year-Round
  • Instant UV and Moisture Protection
  • No Lap Marks
  • No Streaking
  • No Shrink Lines
  • No Overspray or Drips
  • Factory Controlled Quality
  • Cost Savings vs. Field Painting

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