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Custom Wood and Millwork Priming Services

Custom Wood and Millwork Priming Services

We provide priming services for building suppliers in the Retail and Wholesale sectors. Our factory machines can handle a wide range of sizes, from trim & moldings to 4x12 sheets of plywood. We use high-quality alkyd or acrylic primers for the application of wood siding, porch flooring, ceiling boards, tongue and groove, edge and center bead, finger joint trim, and more. We do offer a fire retardant coating for wood products as well, please contact our sales department for more information.

Please note: Our surface finish is smooth and uniform. This finish is not buffed, but it's ideal for promoting topcoat adhesion, and it can be sanded without causing gumming.

Benefits of Factory Pre-Priming

  • Six-Sided Protection - our process allows us to apply paint to the front and all edges for a uniform finish.
  • Instant Appeal - As the material is installed you can see the project come to life. The primed material is then ready for the top coat by your painter.
  • Pre-Finishing is available year round - Our facility is climate controlled and machines run all 12 months.
  • No Streaking, No Runs, No Drips, and No Shrink Lines
  • No Overspray or Environmental Issues at the job site.
  • Cost Savings vs. Field Priming
  • Factory Controlled Quality - Each board will have a consistent color not only from one end to the other but from the first piece to the last piece the color will be the same.
  • The material is dry prior to installation

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