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Prefinished Shingles Legacy Prefinishing

Prefinished Shingle Siding

Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc. specializes in applying stains to individual western red cedar shingles and prefabricated cedar shingle panels. We offer a wide variety of colors, and as always, you are free to choose almost any custom color you desire. Whatever your siding needs may be, Legacy Pre-Finishing has got you covered.

Hand-Dipped Cedar Shingles

Legacy Pre-Finishing's truly Hand-Dipped cedar shingles are reversible, allowing you to choose the best side to install. Hand-dipped prefinished shingles absorb more stain than many machine applications and subsequently have greater protection. We use premium oil-based stains to achieve the natural toned look you desire. Stained shingles are air-dried in racks to allow natural stain penetration and proper coating curing time. Any green shake or shingle product is dried to less than 15% moisture content. Legacy Hand-Dipped Shingles may take a little longer and cost a little more, but you will get more coating applied for your money and look better for longer.

Cedar Shingle Panel Siding

Legacy Pre-Finishing can coat any cedar shingle siding product (usually western red cedar shingles fastened to 8"x8' plywood backing which installs like lap siding and looks like individual cedar shingles when installed). Siding is coated from end to end consistently, eliminating lap marks - just like pre-stained lap siding and trim. Legacy coats any type of panel - with or without keyways, even or staggered butt, with no drips or runs. Natural toned stains must be factory applied to eliminate lap marks on shingle siding. Legacy has applied Parade of Homes award winning exterior finishes to cedar shingle siding sold in the Carolinas.

Why You Should Prefinish Your Cedar Shingle Siding

  • Factory Controlled Quality
  • No Weather Delays
  • Instant Curb Appeal
  • Pre-Finishing is available year-round
  • Instant UV and Moisture Protection
  • Cost Savings vs. Field Painting
  • No Lap Marks and No Streaking
  • No Overspray, Runs, or Drips

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