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Prefinished Exterior Wood Siding

What does prefinishing mean?

To Prefinish exterior wood siding means to apply a finish to the material before it gets installed on the house. The finish can be a primer, a semi-transparent stain, a semi-solid stain, a solid stain, or solid paint. Prefinishing works very well on exterior siding, trim, fascia, and soffit material. See our blog post What is Prefinished Siding? for more information.

With our process, all 6 sides (face, back, edges, and ends) of the material (also called siding boards, siding planks, or siding panels) are coated. By coating the backside (also know as back priming), moisture is sealed out. This helps protect the wood against rot and water damage, thus the wood lasts longer.

Primed wood siding will need to be top coated in the field within 60 days of priming for the best results. During installation, any material that is cut will need to be re-sealed with the appropriate primer, stain, or paint.

Finishes Available:

All of our natural wood siding profiles can be pre-finished in a transparent stain which will allow the true wood grain show but will have a natural tint to the wood (depending on color). If you're looking for a little more UV protection, a semi-transparent stain can be used which will continue to show the natural grain of the wood. If a more consistent solid color finish is desired, the use of a semi-solid or solid color stain should be used. For maximum protection, we can apply one coat of primer and two coats of acrylic latex for a solid color finish. We are capable of pre-finishing these products in almost any color you can imagine. The color samples found here on our website are our most popular colors but you are not limited to just these select colors. If you have a color picked out, call us and we will be happy to assist you with a brushed proof for you.

Why you should pre-finishing natural wood siding:

  • Six Sided Protection - our process allows us to apply stain or paint to all six sides of the wood which is the best way to protect natural wood not only for UV protection but also for moisture protection.
  • Instant Curb Appeal - As the siding is installed you can see the house come to life as there is no waiting for a painter to arrive on site to cover factory primed boards.
  • No Weather Delays - No weather delays due to poor weather conditions that prohibit a painter from applying the final color coat.
  • Pre-Finishing is available year-round - Our facility is climate controlled and machines run all 12 months.
  • No Streaking, No Runs, No Drips, and No Shrink Lines
  • No Overspray or Environmental Issues at the job site.
  • Cost Savings vs. Field Painting
  • Factory Controlled Quality - Each board will have a consistent color not only from one end to the other but from the first piece to the last piece the color will be the same.
  • Material is dry prior to installation

  • Prefinished Cedar Siding

    Cedar wood exterior siding patterns including traditional Bevel, Tongue and Groove, Board and Batten, Shiplap, Channel Rustic, Rabbeted Bevel, Dutch Lap, or Nickel Gap all custom prefinished in your choice of stain, primed, or primed + solid color topcoat.
  • Prefinished Cypress Siding

    Cypress wood exterior siding patterns including traditional Bevel, Tongue and Groove, Shiplap, Dutch Lap, Nickel Gap, Board and Batten, or Channel Rustic all custom prefinished in your choice of stain, primed, or primed + solid color topcoat.
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