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Prefinished Allura Fiber Cement Soffit

Allura soffit products are available in either cedar texture or a smooth finish. Vented and non-vented versions are available in both textures. All soffit products come in 12-foot lengths and are available in three different widths 12", 16" and 24". For larger overhead areas, a 4' x 8' soffit panel is available in both smooth or cedar texture but only in the non-vented version.

Color Options

The colors shown below are our most popular soffit colors however, custom colors are available. Our stain colors carry a 15-year limited warranty and can only be applied to the cedar textured soffit boards and panels. Our custom solid colors have a 25-year limited warranty and can be applied to any texture soffit product. All products are custom finished to your color specifications - made to order just for you.

Sizes Available

Cedar Soffit (Vented or Non-Vented)
  • 12" x 12'
  • 16" x 12'
  • 24" x 12'
  • 4' x 8'
Smooth Soffit (Vented or Non-Vented)
  • 12" x 12'
  • 16" x 12'
  • 24" x 12'
  • 4' x 8'

Why You Should Prefinish Your Allura Soffit

  • Five-Sided Protection - our process allows us to apply paint to the front and all edges (per manufacturers requirements) for a uniform finish.
  • Instant Curb Appeal - As the siding is installed you can see the house come to life as there is no waiting for a painter to arrive on site.
  • No Weather Delays - No weather delays due to poor weather conditions that prohibit a painter from applying the final color coat.
  • Pre-Finishing is available year round - Our facility is climate controlled and machines run all 12 months.
  • No Streaking, No Runs, No Drips, and No Shrink Lines
  • No Overspray or Environmental Issues at the job site.
  • Cost Savings vs. Field Painting
  • Factory Controlled Quality - Each panel/board will have a consistent color not only from one end to the other but from the first piece to the last piece the color will be the same.
  • Material is dry prior to installation

Allura Warranty Information

Allura 50 Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty

Installation Instructions

We highly recommend that all of these products be installed by a trained professional siding installer. As a reference for the builder/installer/architect and homeowner please see the Allura Installation Guide.
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Allura, Pre-Finished Fiber Cement Soffit - Solid Colors Allura, Pre-Finished Fiber Cement Soffit - Solid Colors

Cedar Textured Fiber Cement Panels available one of our beautiful solid colors or prefinished to your custom color.

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