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Prefinished-Wood-Interior-CeilingLegacy Pre-Finishing, Inc.

Custom Pre-Finishing Services for Exterior Wood, Cement Siding & Trim Materials

Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc is located near the heart of North Carolina in the town of Troutman (north of Charlotte and West of Winston Salem). Established in 2009, Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc carries forward 40+ years of pre-finishing history in the Charlotte, NC Metro area and throughout the eastern US.  Legacy offers quality lumber distributors one-stop shopping for most types of exterior siding and trim pre-finishing applications.  Pre-finishing applications include: pre-priming, pre-staining, and multi-coat factory-finished paint systems.
Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc can handle applications from hand-dipped cedar shakes and shingles to machine pre-finishing custom wood-patterns, siding and plywood.  In addition to coating wood products, Legacy offers many specialty coatings for fiber-cement siding and other composite materials. 
Legacy uses conventional factory finishing methods to flood-coat high quality finishes onto siding and trim products, then rack dry overnight.   Coatings are allowed to air dry naturally as designed by coating manufacturers - adding integrity to the finished product.  Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc can apply oil or acrylic coating products in nearly any volume required.  All products coated at Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc are screened for appropriate moisture content and sound surface condtions prior to coating. 
For information on pre-finishing services offered through Legacy Pre-Finishing, Inc, call our office at:  (704)528-7136.